www.price-power.com Horse Racing Review - What Really Wins Money

I like longetivy and I like honesty and I find it here with www.price-power.com. This was a tipster I first reviewed in 2014 and it is still alive and well.

I do advocate that you know the ‘personality’ of your tipster before you join. Here, with www.price-power.com the tipster does not tip at odds of less than 10/1.

Inherent with this is the inevitable long losing runs and the likelihood that you could suffer a long period of the year in loss.

A 261 point loss in 2018 is a timely reminder to you that if the winners we need do not turn up on time, then we can be in a world of pain.

In 2017, the service made a 39 point profit. and in 2016, a 127 point loss.

This is not sustainable surely.  Yes the service advertises Big Winners but does not relay the huge losing runs and horrendous losses of 2016 and 2018

Results do go back to 2007 which is what we want to see. And archive of results is a big plus. The nature of a 10/1+ tipster I think is amply illustrated by the 3 recent years’ worth of results.

Yearly membership of £395

Incidentally, 2015 saw 189 points profit, 2014 186 points profit, and 2013 190 points profit.  So there is hope but I am sure 2016 and 2018 losses may have scared people off. A very long-term focus is required.

With a service like this too, you have to consider staking. 10/1+ odds backing leads to those losing runs and if you are staking even £20 a bet, the losses can mount quickly and this is psychologically hard to take.


Long losing runs are inevitable here. Losing years are creeping in recently but you have seen from the 2013-2015 performance that solid profits can be earned. If joining this service the focus must be very long term. it is not the type of tipster I like. I cannot take long losing runs when my hard earned is being pummelled.

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