www.banker-bets.com is a football tipping service which provided tips at odds typically of between 1.2 and 1.4 odds . In 2015 this service made 2.18 points profit. Depending on your stakes, this could have been a loss in real terms ( when accounting for the £27 per month cost.)

In 2016 we saw a welcome profit of 18.83 points. 2017 has been poor to say the least. A 5.75 points loss for the year-to-date . This is made worse when  you understand the following.  Banker-bets use stakes of £100 = 1 point.  Odds are generally between 1.2 and 1.4. This means that for every point lost, Banker-bets have to replace that with up to 5 winning bets.

I personally remain unconvinced and have no personal faith in these tipsters providing the requisite strike rate required of such short odds selections. January, February ( Break even March), 5 point loss April, 2.7 point profit May, 4 point profit June, 5.99 point loss July and 2.2 point loss August 2017 puts me right off this service.


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