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This service began recording results for its single bets in August 2014 and that is where I will begin.

It was all rosy in the early years of the football tipster service whose focus is on short-odds favourites.From August 2014 to year end, a 9.61 points profit would have the punters purring.

In 2015, a nominal 3.18 points profit accrued. In 2016, the lads done tremendous with an 18.83 point profit.

But then this football tipster started flirting with the relegation zone. 8.82 points loss in 2017 and 8.78 points 2018 ( january to October 2018) would have the punters not wishing to renew their season tickets.

For the life of this single bets service, a 14.02 point profit would have long-term supporters happy, but realistically, anyone joining post 2017 would be left not only nursing a 17+ point loss but also the lost subcription fees. At £27 per month I would not be happy. I’d be getting the red card out.

I would never entertain joining the year-long membership.A huge saving off the monthly rate, yes, but when a service has 2 consecutive years of losses, only the foolhardy or faithful would be remaining.

There are a couple of additional services in the Value Picks and Accumulators.

Let’s look at the value picks. A whopping 3.56 points profit year to date ( May 2019) is…well…a profit. The odds for selections tend to be 1.5+ odds with a number flirting around evens.

10.28 points profit July 2017 to December 31st 2017  ; 17.52 points loss for 2018 does not have me reaching to click that subscribe button.

For me, there is nothing about this tipster which convinces me that said tipster has any extra talent or increased footballing ability worth paying for.

2 consecutive years of losses – I can achieve that myself mate without paying £27 per month. Near 18 point loss for Value picks? I can do the same myself!

Positives? For the life of the single bets, there is profit. For the life of the value bets ( a short life), we see a 10 point loss.


‘New and Improved banker bets’ proclaims the rather snazzy website. Improved? Look at your performance guys. It’s gone backwards. You’re about to be relegated from the actual Football league!

There are no real redeeming features with this service on current performance. Here at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk  I have written articles on how to research football matches professionally. Read the articles, apply yourself. You may better this lot’s past 2 years of losses!


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