Tread warily with some online tipping services. - What Really Wins Money

I am looking back at old editions of the System and Tipsters Update which you’ll find updated each month in the newsletter and here at the website and one thing strikes me. It is the huge number of tipping services which have disappeared in as short a period as 3 years. is one such service which does not exist anymore. When I last reported on this service it had suffered a 16 point loss for for 2014. is nowhere to be seen now. It was reviewed at the same time. suddenly disappeared without a trace after a very poor 2014. Just packed up and gone. I wonder what happened to one-year -subscription payees?

Lesson to learn?

Do not enter into any long-term contracts with any tipster. It is enticing due to apparent savings but what if you had done this with  Now they don’t exist anymore, you would be faced with the task of trying to get back your money that you’d paid up front.

So, best to play month-by-month. Even better if the service is via clickbank with its inherent guarantees.

Even big online companies are not immune to such practices. I was reviewing tipsters Andy Bell and The Gambling Don from Where are they now? Nowhere to be seen now.  So please heed my advice. Month-by-month subscription only.

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