The Each Way Leader Review - What Really Wins Money

Each way leader is one of the services offered by , another umbrella tipster. I want to look at each-way horse racing tipsters as I believe each-way betting is very punter-friendly.

A 22-point loss for the month of March 2019, and, for 2019, a 41-point loss is not quite on message. 2018 saw a 190.22 points profit for the calendar year. I will continue to monitor this tipster. His price has increased to £39 per month but he is yet to justify that increase.

I do like to see tipsters who tend to smash through barriers, e.g. 100 points, then 200 points and now 300 points. Breaking through 400 points may take some patience. The bank is currently at the same level as it was on 14th November 2018.

I am keen to see if there is any momentum during this Flat Season 2019.

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