roulette assault reviewDon’t you just love the little ‘clink’ noise of the chips when you place a bet followed by the multiple ‘clinks’ when that bet wins? To me, these sounds are more affecting than a Wagnerian opera…

I don’t know what it is about roulette, but I love to play it. And that’s my point: I love to play it. Me, not a robot. Roulette Assault sells itself on its automatic software that looks for trends and automatically places the bets for you, up to a rate of 120 spins per minute in real-money mode. One-hundred and twenty spins per minute. That’s their selling point.

It sounds like a foolproof way to make money fast and I can certainly see the appeal:

‘Roulette Assault can work at phenominal [sic] speeds and increase your bankroll so fast that what used to take hours now only takes minutes’ – but with roulette, even with software that combines not just one system, but five, nothing is ever certain and 120 spins a minute might just reduce your bank to little or nothing within moments.

To be fair to the software though, you do have the option to bet manually or automatically – and I’d just like to stress that I personally believe you should always bet manually – and you can set stop-losses to avoid wiping out your bankroll.

At $49.95 and with a 48-hour free preview, compared to other systems, Roulette Assault is good value for money. And there is a 60-day money-back guarantee that is honoured as it’s through Clickbank, which gives further peace-of-mind. However, their support is practically non-existent. I sent an enquiry to their Gmail address and still have had no reply.

The four different gaming platforms that Roulette Assault is compatible with are: Playtech, RTG, Vegas Technology and iGaming. What’s handy about this is that Playtech is the main software provider for massive online casinos such as Bet365, Betfred and Betfair. The other three platforms provide USA casinos, and should be avoided because they don’t offer a ‘free-spin’ option.

The Roulette Assault website claims that: ‘Most available roulette systems (software or ebooks) are limited to only one type of system. This is a serious flaw as casino software can learn and adjust to the bettor’s habits. This is why there are 5 roulette systems in Roulette Assault.’ The five systems are comprised of the classic sleeper system, the six-point divisor system, the double dozens system, the progressive singles system and the el bandido ruleta system. In themselves, nothing new – and in accordance with Roulette Assault’s own advice (which I agree with), the chances are that online casino software programmes know how to spot such systems, despite there being five in operation here.

There have been a lot of harsh reviews online, with one commentator claiming that the stop-loss he set up did not work, which resulted in greater loss; and others stating that they had 20 losing reds in a row. This I have encountered before and is the constant Damocles’ sword hanging over your head when you play roulette in an online casino. Again, the same old problematic question regarding online casinos raises its ugly head: how do we know for sure that the roulette results really are random? Twenty reds in a row in a real casino is such a rarity.

The rave-reviews online – without fail – all have links to the Roulette Assault website. It goes without saying too, you should ignore the many testimonials on the Roulette Assault website. It’s just too easy for them to be faked.

The actual software is well written, with so many tools and explanatory videos at your disposal (although at the time of writing, some of the videos do not work because the YouTube account used to make them is no longer active). By far-and-away the best thing about Roulette Assault, is its ‘spin analyser’ tool. Using it with the ‘recorded history’ tool, you can effectively build up thousands of spin results and then run any of the five systems to see how they would have performed. This feature alone is probably worth the $50 price tag, but I wouldn’t recommend using the software as a means to actually making money. Learn your systems and take them to a real casino where the roulette-wheel results are dictated by the laws of physics and not by a supposed random-number-generator programme.

You can find out more information about this one here: Roulette Assault

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