Jarvis Cocker once sang about helping the aged, but I think we should credit them with more gumption than we assume they have. Josh Eccles, the author of a new win-betting system for UK and Irish horse racing called ‘Race Bet Selector’, makes, in his sales-page, the following claim: ‘Even my 83-year-old granny can turn her meagre pension into a bankroll using the Racing Bet Selector – and you can, too!’ The word in question here is ‘Even’, implying that someone so old would normally struggle with other more-complicated horse racing systems. Poor old Granny Eccles. I’m sure she could adequately follow any system – but the only thing stopping her making money in this instance is the Race Bet Selector system itself.

It’s not a terribly bad system – it’s just that I was a long way off making the £9475.56 that they claimed they made within 90 days, and a distance away from the stated 83% strike-rate, which is a figure that can only have been plucked out of thin air. The sales-patter also asks: ‘You have to promise me that you won’t reveal to the bookies what I’m about to tell you… Because if they find out about this, it could become very unpleasant for you and me. That’s because what I’m about to reveal is such a game-changer that it takes the advantage away from the bookies and hands it over to you.’ Don’t worry, Josh, I’m not going to tell the bookies – I wouldn’t want them to laugh in my face. And something tells me that you’ll gladly sell me the system without any such promises being made.

Race Bet Selector costs £27 (before VAT), and supposedly comes with a multitude of guarantees: ‘This was generated from a computer modelling program that hands you the winning horses more than 8 times out of 10! Guaranteed!’ – in fact, he constantly uses the word ‘guaranteed’ in such a liberal way that I can only assume he doesn’t really know what it means: ‘Receive instant access to a guaranteed winning system!’; ‘Guaranteed to Win!’ etc. The one time it really does mean something is when he states: ‘Race Bet Selector is guaranteed to provide you with the winners of at least 83% of races run in the UK and Ireland or you can get every penny of your money back within 60 days of purchase.’ Looks like a good guarantee, right? Well, it’s just the normal prerequisite guarantee that anything sold through Clickbank has to have.

For your £27, you get a 2-page PDF manual that outlines the workings of the system. I hate a manual that’s padded out with pages of filler, and believe that being succinct is always preferable to waffling on, but two pages in this instance is not enough. There is no explanation given as to the intricacies of how they made nearly £10K in three months, no staking advice proffered, no results disclosed, not enough detail, and no screen-shots. All this requires absolute due diligence and a lot of reading and re-reading to make sure you understand the system exactly.

Once there, you see that the system is, as I mentioned earlier, a win betting system, applicable to handicap racing in UK and Ireland. The sales copy lead me to believe that the system applies to both flat and national hunt races, but in actuality, it only applies to flat. I emailed Josh to seek clarification on this, but have had no reply. There are other accounts online from others trialling this system, who also have had no luck in getting any responses to their emails to Josh. The system is centred upon form research, using the Racing Post, with all selections self-made, with both long and short-priced winners. Another discrepancy in the manual is that they suddenly claim a strike-rate of just under 70%, rather than the more hyped-up 83% of the sales-literature. Instantly, things didn’t look good.

The actual selection process, once assuredly understood, is quite straightforward to implement, and shouldn’t take anyone more than half an hour. My trial over three months got off to a poor start, with only one win in eleven, and a battered bank roll. Things then looked a little brighter with six wins in a row. The saving grace of the system is the fact that when you win, more often than not, it’s a horse with a high price, with an average of 12.6. A few wins in a row do serve to make up a bruised bank roll. Things meandered along, with more losing runs than winning ones. Eventually, I made 447 selections, which ultimately resulted in only a 13.42% strike-rate, and a surprisingly low loss of 11.79 points, because many of the 60 winners were quite well priced.

This leaves me not entirely ready to lambaste Race Bet Selector, but not entirely wanting to recommend it either. It might be worth your attention if you can manage a decent sized bank, and utilise a good staking plan (without a huge emphasis on loss-recovery though, as you’ll be forever chasing it). One thing’s for sure: after 90 days I was nowhere near £10K and the 83% strike-rate they supposedly base their guarantee on is pure fiction too. For these two claims that the product is unforgivably (mis)sold on, coupled with the non-existent communication between vendor and user, I’d lean towards you not bothering with this system.

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