Punthub.co.uk review ongoing. - What Really Wins Money

Punthub.co.uk is one of a number of what I term ‘umbrella’ tipsters. These are websites who operate a number of sports tipsters under the one roof.

With punthub.co.uk I decided to look at 2 of their services.


A 10.67-point loss for 2018 was down to five/six losing months in the second half of the year. Had you joined this service in June, you’d be bitterly disappointed.

Still a no show from Trackside in 2019. 0.08 points profit for the first three months of this year.

2019 sees a 4.92-point loss in January and a -0.95-point loss in February. For a ‘usual price’ of £35 per month, we need to see some recompense for a dire 2nd half of 2018.

AH Horse Racing

AH Horse racing, another win and each-way tipping service, had a steady 2018, but was yet again hit by three consecutive losing months at the back-end of 2018.

74 points profit for 2018. A 6.45-point loss for the last six6 months of 2018.

2019 has done little. 14.31-point loss for the first three months sees momentum crash for the two services I selected because of their apparent strength a few months ago.

£35 per month for Trackside and £25 per month for AH Horse Racing represents no value whatsoever currently.

This review is on-going throughout 2019

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