This service, found at, ticks all of the boxes. We have that archive of results I crave, in this case going back to 2008. Although I am not so sure that this service has been running since 2008.

Why is an archive of results so important? As I mentioned in an earlier review, it tends to provide you with the character of the service. Long losing runs – big winners? Short odds – short losing runs?

This is important. If you join a service in the midst of a long losing run, it is important to know whether this is a regular occurrence and whether said service has come out at the end of it with a profit.

This service focuses specifically on All-Weather racing. Bets are simply to 1 point of a 100-point betting bank.

July has seen a loss of 3.91 points; August saw a 20-point loss and 10.82-point profit for September 2015.

This is a win-only service, which is a surprise because of the odds of the selections, which are recorded to Betfair SP. Recent prices of selections have been 26.03, 13.62, 10.85, 28.31 and 40. This tells you the character of this service. Expect long losing runs. A win will really boost the betting bank.

Now you see the importance of the archived results. In the past there have been the characteristic long losing runs, but at the end of the year, a profit has been achieved.

A 36.65-pt profit for the year is good and the cost of the service is good at £29.99 per month.

UPDATE 2016 – a particularly poor December 2015 turned what would have been a marginal 12-point profit for the year into a 61-point loss for 2015. Given some of the prices of selections (182.22 decimal odds for one selection), there is bound to be a long run of losses if betting 1 point to win. The big win did not come in December 2015 in order to catapult back to profit. This is the risk you take with these ‘value’ services.

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