Phil Eadie – the creator and tipster behind the Partners in Profit horse racing system – is as trust-worthy and honest a tipster as you could possible hope for.

His mission statement is as follows: ‘My determination to continue to bring quality, genuine and honest products to the market place remains resolute, backed up by an efficient and honest service, where you the customer remain my priority.’

Always hype free – ‘No hype, no spin and no slick marketing, I don’t know how to do it anyway and like you I’m fed up with it’. Phil has recently combined services for both flat, jumps and national hunt racing tips that were previously available as separate tipping entities, into one umbrella tipping service.

The individual services were, by all accounts, well received by punters, and the long-term profits prior to the merger at the start of 2013 were proofed and reported fully on the betorbet website. The flat racing service produced profits of 181.27 points in 2012 (to BSP); and the National Hunt system shows a 167.91-point profit in the period August 2012 to end of January 2013.

The new improved Partners in Profit service covers national hunt, flat turf and all weather racing which should produce qualifiers all year round.

The price is £67 one-off payment for the year, or the option of £25 per month. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee through Clickbank.

The system is explained in a user manual and accompanying tips are sent to you via email and are also posted on the website the night before the day’s racing. Value odds are what Phil manages to find regularly.

There’s logic behind the Partners in Profit 2013 system. The flat system looks at trainers’ actions especially, ‘with their favoured jockeys in conditions where they excel and more importantly, conditions that provide a betting profit.’

Profitable trainer/jockey combinations are Phil’s speciality and the national hunt system ‘includes twenty trainer/jockey combinations that have proved profitable to follow under the system rules’.

I found the instructions easy-to-follow and the tip-containing emails well composed, leaving no room for error. You’re encouraged to bet 1% of your bank or one point a time, no one bet is ever risking crazy amounts of your bank. This is a good thing, because we soon discovered in our two-month trial, that this is a service with a lot of bets per day – sometimes as many as 8 or 9 (but sometimes as few as 1, 2, or indeed none).

It makes for an interesting betting experience, and what I particularly liked was the combination of race types in that you never have all your eggs in one basket, but spread across many baskets.

I also liked Phil’s regularly-updated blog page, never one to shy away from stating his opinions and having the occasional entertaining rant.

In two months there were 522 bets, of which only 88 were winning ones. This gave a strike-rate of 16.9%, but an indication of how good the winning selections were – certainly value odds – is the fact that I ultimately made a profit.

At one point, the bank had climbed to over 80 points profit after the first month, but things took a downward turn thereafter, ultimately finishing the trial on +41 points profit. Not as good as 80, obviously, but significant profit nonetheless.

For the year so far, there is a 17.91% strike-rate and cumulative profit at Betfair SP to £10 level stakes of £1,003.50.

Therefore, Partners in Profit seems to be one of the more genuine and profitable products currently available and is well worth a subscription.


You can try Partners in Profit risk-free for 60 days here

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