NW Sports Racing Service Review - What Really Wins Money

Now here’s a tipping service with a difference!

Neil Stevens-Wood’s NW Sports Racing Service is not like other typical tipster services, in that it provides you with a lot more in your daily email than just a handful of advised bets.

Established in 1989 (they changed their name to ‘NW Sports’ in 2001), and after years of reportedly successful sports investing in horse racing, football & golf, the NW Sports team only fairly recently decided to revert back to their origins and provide a horse-racing-only service.

For a reasonable subscription fee – £10 per week, £30 per month or £250 annually – Neil and his team send you a daily email containing study-based form and speed ratings which signal selections that are ripe for each way and win betting.

The email arrives by 11.00 a.m. This is chock-full of statistics on a spreadsheet for 3 to 6 selected races in any given day but is easy to read and user-friendly. Each way bets are the preferred bet type, but they also include formulas that might highlight certain win bets for the day too. They do make their own selections and advices, but you are fully at liberty to use the information in any way you desire.

This service is pitched for amateurs and professional bettors alike and you can simply follow their recommendations or use their stats to further your own strategies, or both.

If stats are your thing, then you’re going to spontaneously combust when you receive a typical NW Sports email. The daily spreadsheet shows you: NW Sports ratings; win, each way or lay advices; horse form with course/distance and going strike-rate; trainer strike-rate, profit/loss information & RTF figures; jockey strike-rate, profit/loss information; race trends and draw biases; an official figures strategy; and 10 other strategies.

As you can tell, it’s all very comprehensive. Any days where there is nothing to advise, then you’re told as much. Staking advice is also given, normally in the 2-points per bet mark, but sometimes you’re encouraged to bet more.

It’s worth pointing out too, that we had no problem matching the advised odds to those on one of the many bookie accounts you need to use this service to its fullest capacity.

With so many angles, your risk is spread over a great many variables, which is good because it means that a bad run in a certain discipline will not damage your bank too much, because of the results of the other strategies.

The (albeit strangely sparse) results page on the NWW Sports website demonstrates this best: ‘We have 11 different strategies on our daily spreadsheet. All but one of these strategies made a profit in 2012. Massive profits to be made.’

The reason this results page is so lacking in results is because of the data-provision nature of this service. You can use the information in any way you want and their tips are not expected to be always applied, and even when you might want to apply them, you have the choice of whether or not you’ll make a win, place or each way bet.

Neil seems every bit the genuine tipster and is really desirous that his subscribers are happy with the service and, most importantly, making money. Any email queries are replied to very promptly. There’s a full money-back guarantee offered if there’s a loss after 3 months, which is a rare and admirable offer.

We’d advocate the use of the main ratings (the NW Sports ratings) most, because we enjoyed the most profit with them. Our trial tied in with the transition to the flat season, and we were impressed with the results.

Leaving aside such subjective figures as number of bets and strike-rate etc (because each subscriber can potentially use the information provided in many different ways), what we will report is a 33-point profit after 7 weeks (mainly using the main ratings), with a total stake of 104 points.

Because of the abundance of strategies you can use with this service’s information, we feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface too, an itch made all the more urgent when you read NW Sports’ statement that ‘Our different strategies have made 285pts PROFIT in the past 4 months’.

In conclusion, we have no problem recommending the NW Sports Racing service.


You can try NW Sports Racing Service risk free for 60 days here

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