Review - What Really Wins Money

I liked what I saw from, a horse racing tipping service run by Brett Love. 13.19 points profit in 2018.

At £60 per month, the perception is that we are buying quality, isn’t it? What has 2019 brought us? On the main service, 4.3 points profit in January 2019, -23.75 points loss in February 2019 and 22.70 points profit in March 2019 sees us treading water (and £180 down in subscription charges). That’s 3.25 points year to date. Not good enough.

Brett Love also tags on a Festivals-Only tipping service which had a woeful Cheltenham Festival. 42 points staked and 20.80 points loss for that service.

18 consecutive unplaced horses saw him take a peculiar, heavy-handed approach to the Festival races, with multiple selections in any single race. Losses are compounded of course if none of these horses win (and they were mostly win-only selections, rather than each-way).

All in all, yet to shine in 2019. At £60 per month, he needs to get back into profitable ways. March 2019 was very promising, immediately negating the February losses

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