What I like the most about Inside Gambler – besides its good results – is its sheer transparency. The Inside Gambler website doesn’t really have a sales page – there’s no hyped-up sales pitch whatsoever.

Instead, before you’ve even signed up, the fully comprehensive and professionally presented Inside Gambler website allows you to navigate all around it, so you can get a real feeling for not only the caliber of the service, but also the three individuals who run it.

Those three men are John, Allen and Julian, whose mission statement reads: ‘We work tirelessly to secure you a winning edge over bookmakers and aim to deliver healthy, long term, tax free profits from horse racing betting.’

Inside Gambler is a horse racing betting service in which one or two win and/or each way bets are sent to your email inbox every day, with a fully laid out staking plan advisory service too.

For your moderate subscription fee (price is currently being revised at the time of writing this article), you sign up for the tips, but you also gain access to the one private part of the Inside Gambler website: the members-only section.

In there you’ll find a wealth of tools to assist you in your horse racing betting ventures, such as: a members’ library containing useful guides, strategies and formulae; access to ante-post betting information; betting tools such as an odds calculator and a betting convertor; a constantly-updated and active news-stream; a display of all the current best odds currently available; live chat; and a catalogue of interviews with betting experts for your perusal.

On top of this, you get a free ebook – John Fullerton’s Betting Masterclass – which makes for interesting reading; a ‘Late Call’ service, in which special email, text or phone call (you choose) is made to you in the event that a late-arriving piece of news results in an opportunity not to be missed; and ‘peace of mind’ guarantee from official industry complaint body the British Horseracing Authority.

The Inside Gambler website says: ‘If you’re looking for consistent horse racing information, then you’ve come to the right place. Inside Gambler is a private horse racing consultancy service dedicated to providing its members with specialist, top-quality horse racing tips.’

They reach their selections via the following method: ‘We carefully research and analyse extensive betting using a combination of cutting-edge private handicapping methods, traditional form study and useful contacts, to source the best value bets for our members every day.’

A comprehensive ‘About us’ page gives background info on the three men who run Inside Gambler. It’s convincing stuff, and you want to believe them when they say: ‘We are dedicated to producing healthy, long-term, tax-free profits through horse racing betting.’

The tip-containing emails are succinct but clear and the value-based win and each way bets are always easy to match when using best odds guaranteed bookmakers. Newbies and seasoned gamblers alike will be able to action the instructions in the emails.

There’s a results section on the Inside Gambler website, but it’s not as comprehensive as I’d like it to be. Their claimed results are as follows: ‘If you started with a £100 betting bank [in March 2013] it’s now worth £274 – and a £1,000 betting bank is now worth £2,742’

Our 6-week test saw 60 selections and 24 of them providing a monetary return to the bank. Not all of these were win results, for shame, but any increase to the bank is good. This resulted in a 40% strike-rate, which is pretty good; and a profit of 27 points.

The tips are designed to build your betting bank gradually, and that’s what the results of our trial suggest.

Perhaps six weeks isn’t long enough to come to a firm conclusion about Inisde Gambler, but it’s enough for it to warrant your attention, and we must admit that we were impressed – IF this can be upheld.

The Inside Gambler website claims that these results are consistent and that profits continually accrue with further use of the Inside Gambler services, citing that figure that at least 80% of their members renew their membership each year.

Ultimately, Inside Gambler performed well and is worthy of a punt – however, they do assert that the numbers of accepted members is strictly limited, in order to protect the price of the tips that they share.

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