Flat attack exemplifies the decisions you have to make when joining a tipster. On paper, Flat Attack , a predominantly all-weather racing tipster ,  has made 108 points profit since November 2015 and has made an 58 points profit in 2017

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But, from June 2016 to February 2017, this service made a 50 point loss.  Had you joined in June 2016, you’d have been hard pressed to remain a customer from March 2017 onwards. And it was in March that loss turned to profit with a 55 point return and a 94 point profit for the month.

What a poor end to the year though. The poor run mentioned above was saved in March 2017. But recent results have been very poor. 7 losing months, a 0.92 point profit and the star of the show, a 29 points profit in October 2017 .

A 34.45 point loss for the year from April 2017 would not have me clambering for new membership in 2018. 7 months without a profit.

Despite a whopping 94 point profit in March ( which I explained above), I do not like the lack of consistency of this service.

Yes, they’ll claim 108 points profit since inception of the service in November 2015, but practically speaking , would you be paying £19.95 per month for 7 consecutive months without profit this year, and the aforementioned 50 point loss between June 2016 to February 2017.

No? Me neither. I will leave this tipster alone now. Its ‘personality’ is not to my liking.

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