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Betfan is an ‘umbrella’ tipster which has recruited a huge number of tipsters.

I don’t know if it’s just bad luck , but whenever I choose a Betfan tipster to review, said tipster tends not to deliver any profit in real terms. Having a look at Football mania and we see a tipster without any real profit since August 2016.

Betfan yet again do not fully disclose their results within their marketing material.

Their profit graph looks impressive but cuts off on May 2017. Now you should be asking yourself ‘ what about the 10 months since? Got anything to hide?’

Indeed they have. It’s all gone downhill since May 2017.

This tipster tends to chose high odds Match Odds selections and clearly this is not working. Like a lot of these tipsters, there is no ‘expertise’ here that I would be willing to pay for.

All of this misery can be yours for only £47 per 28 days. Way to go Betfan!

Football mania I am afraid is a stagnant tipster. A look at the marketing page at

and you would be disagreeing with me. A look at the profit graph shows a tipster in fine fettle but this is hugely misleading.

This service is heading off to the What Really Wins Money not recommended pile, a pile that Betfan tend to end up in whenever I review their services.

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