Football Betting Profit Software comes from and costs £49.

This is not a tipping service  or a method of forecasting results and I would categorise products like this as ” non committal” from the vendor’s perspective. He does not have to worry about tipping, and profit and loss.

His product is a standalone calculator and so is reliant on the users’ performances rather than any direct input.

So what do you get for your money? Football Power Betting has 3 calculators. The first calculator covers Permutations and combination bets. The 2nd calculator is specifically for use with Correct scores and the final calculator is for using “cover” bets – or what I like to call ” insurance ” bets.

Let’s look at each calculator in turn.

Football Power Betting is a powerful bit of kit for calculating football permutations. The software can calculate 10 permutations for up to 10 matches. The end user can choose between 2 types of bet

  • Total Stake. For example if you have £100 to stake on permutations , the software will calculate instantly the stake you need to spread on each Permutation.
  • Profit Target. If you want to win a specific amount with each permutation, the software will automatically make this calculation for you.

What is a Permutation?  The strict definition of a permutation is an” an ordered arrangement of the numbers, terms, etc., of a set into specified groups the permutations of a, b, and c, taken two at a time, are ab, ba, ac, ca, bc, cb”

In football terms, where a home win is defined as “1”, and away win is defined as “2” and the draw is “x” the possible permutations of these are 12,21,1x,x1,2x,x2

I have taken some screenshots which I will upload here for you to see an example of 5 permutations from 3 matches of interest at the time of writing  – 8th January. It will explain to you in greater detail the power of this software. I have also looked to win a specific target profit for each permutation and also look to risk a specific amount – i.e. set my stake.

The 2nd aspect of Football Betting Profits is its calculator for correct score betting. I like correct score betting in readable matches. For me, there are certain football matches where a team is more likely to win to nil. This suggests that we , as punters , have fewer correct scores to choose from i.e. 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 and so forth. These correct scores are far easier to predict than a correct score where both teams have a chance to win.

This is how I would use the correct score betting aspect of the Football Betting Profits Software. This correct score calculator is a dutching tool where you can back a number of correct scores and look to win a specific amount ( and vary the profit on a number of scorelines if you want to  – a kind of insurance) or put at risk a certain amount.

This kind of facility is available for BEtfair users if using software such as’s Fairbot, which allows you to “variable dutch”.

The 3rd aspect of the Football Betting PRofits SOftware is called the “covered bet”.

Let’s take an example today in the League Cup where BRadford are playing Aston Villa. I favour an Aston Villa win here, so any draw or home win will scupper my bet.

I want to cover a number of correct scores. Here I would back Bradford winning 1-0, the 1-1 draw and the 2-1 home win. I do not think it will end 0-0.

I must admit that I am unsure as to the benefits of this kind of “covered bet”. I will need to try out a few more examples. The point of a cover bet for me is this.

We have backed a team in the match odds market who we think will win.

We can cover the 0-0 incase there is no goal scored , or a win for opponents. But which correct score? These insurance bets eat into the profits.


This is an excellent piece of software but its usefulness is only as good as the judgement of the user. Therein lies the dilemma. If you are a long term footballing punter who likes permutations and combination bets, then the software will be perfect for you and will make your staking more professional.

I like the correct score dutching tool, but Betfairians can get this in another format from software such as Fairbot from

The “cover” aspect of the software is something that is not yet clear for me. I will try it out and see if I can capture some examples for you.  For £49, this is a good investment, only I feel for you seasoned football punters.

This is the link for the screenshots for this piece of software.Perm

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