Had you been following Flat Attack, a horse racing tipster from tipsterstreet, it would be less Flat Attack, more heart attack.

The flat season has ceased and so should Flat Attack.
This is one of those tipsters that I personally cannot tolerate from a practical perspective. A dire 50 points loss from June 2016 to February 2017 would have had me pulling the plug on any membership pronto.
And then we get the miracle win in March 2017 and a princely 55 point return. I would not have been there to have benefited I’m afraid. How many of you, hand on heart, would have tolerated a 50 point loss and still be with the tipster? Be honest now.
All that glitters is not gold. 107 points profit is claimed from November 2015 to date. 92.73 points profit was made within the first 5 months.
2017 has seen a 77 point profit. Good stuff. But 94 points was made in March 2017 alone.

It is up to you with tipsters like this. It requires a degree of faith above and beyond what I can muster, to tolerate the likes of a 50 point loss in the hope for a sudden 55 point gain.

Yes, 2017 is in profit, Yes the service is in profit since November 2015, but no, it’s not for me I’m afraid.

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