Double Your Way to Riches ReviewThe ‘double’ in the title of the Double Your Way to Riches football betting system (by Scott Wasilewski) primarily refers to the fact that this is a doubles system, in which you select home teams at specific odds and pair them together in doubles at a certain combined-odds ratio: ‘It takes advantage of these odds being multiplied together and we cash in on it!’

It’s a fixed-odds method utilising a particular progressive staking plan and a profit cut-off point to minimise losses. It is not based on the old ‘double-up’ staking plan. There is a lot of competition between bookies – and the utilisation of fixed-odds to the bettor’s advantage is an interesting premise on which to base a system.

Low stakes can be implemented, which is always nice to know when getting to grips with a system and taking those first few tentative steps. Scott suggests you can watch this system work with a bankroll of just £5 and with pennies per stake. There’s some truth in this, as there are videos out there on the net showing how you can place such small bets on betting sites such as Betfair.

At a pretty affordable £10 (for £5 more you have the option of getting 7 days worth of tips), you get a 9-page pdf manual that outlines the workings of the system. There is no money-back guarantee mentioned, but the transaction is through PayPal so you should be covered.

Though it is short, the manual is concise and well executed, first-impressions with regards to the actual system did not excite me. Low stakes for high profits is the aim of the game, but it takes time to build up those high profits. It’s not a get-rich-quick system and the claim that you can make £15,000 a month is an exaggeration that is not typical of the rest of the Scott’s copy-writing style. Indeed, he admits that he started with a small bankroll and steadily built up his profits.

The staking plan is intriguing (progressively upping the stake by 10% of the bank) and relatively easy to follow and implement. The advantage of a staking plan such as this is that you can place new bets immediately, without waiting for the results beforehand. The selection process is fairly self-explanatory (although the absolute beginner is not catered for here). When Saturday comes there is a lot of choice – mid-week matches also available – laid out in tables for the bettor’s discretion, based on probability rather than form. By all means, I see no reason not to do a quick extra bit of research into the past few results on the occasions when the teams you’re going to select last met. More often than not, this will allow you to select or not select with more conviction and confidence.

At first, in the primary test, the results did not blow me away, as much as I wanted them to. My strike rate was only 45.38% and left me feeling that luck played a larger part in the system than I’d have liked it to. To be fair to Scott, he stresses that systems that promise high strike rates are impossible without them placing huge liabilities on short priced favourites. He says: ‘The Double Your Way to Riches football system earns a strike rate of between 60–70%, however a mere 40% is enough to generate a profit – that is how successful this can be for you!’

Scott claims that your bankroll ‘builds up by earning roughly 50% of your balance every 2 days’. It does not do this religiously, but the system really does begin to pipe up when you do have a run of four or more wins – then you should hopefully notice a nice upward incline in your bankroll.

I must stress that you really need to stick with this one and not get disillusioned and throw the towel in too easily. By all means, start with small bets, if only to see that over time, the system does tend to minimise losses and your bankroll does steadily grow. Use the cut-off point tool to minimise loss in losing runs, or to syphon off small amounts of winnings without altering the flow of the staking plan to much effect. As always, never, ever have a bankroll that is more than you can afford to lose.

Despite some reports online of people paying for the product and not getting it immediately (Scott maintains he had technical issues that meant he couldn’t send the manual for a few days – ultimately everyone did get their copy), Scott promises to reply to emails: ‘You may email me even after you have started to apply the system whether it be for additional help, advice or just to tell me how happy you are with your new found income!’

Ultimately, in my separate tests my strike-rates were not show-stopping, but I was up by roughly 20 to 25 points profit in each, lending credence to Scott’s earlier-cited claim that even a strike-rate as low as 40% can still result in profit (however, my average strike rate was a long way off his 60–70%). This leads me to want to utilise the system further, but I cannot stress enough how patience plays a huge part in this. You bankroll will not shoot up. In many instances, especially after losses, it will depress you to the point of despondency, lamenting that luck can always play a part in any football match and cause erratic results.

But religiously stick to the staking plan and this could work for you too. Remember the tortoise who beat the hare – slow and steady is how this system performs.

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