Call me mystic meg....the case of the disappearing betting review - What Really Wins Money

I thought I would recount this review I did from 2014 , more pertinent because of the last line of the review which predicted this website would disappear. Indeed it has ( try )

I recount the review verbatim

For £4.95, I thought I’d take the hit here and check out this ebook from the, ahem, eminent Francis Kingsley- Mayer, who has been awarded the ECF Merit for Modern Day Economics and Online Wealth for his ‘achievements of the publication Doubling for Dummies’. I love a good yarn, I really do. I’ve got a CSE in woodwork, Francis: beat that, mate!

There is an element of pretentiousness here, what with the double-barrelled name, the (clears throat) ‘award’ and the rather suspect testimonials. The domain name is actually hosted in Phoenix, Arizona and is some two months old, so the contention that this book has sold some 500,000 copies worldwide is hard to swallow.

And to the testimonials… Josef Schulz made a rather magnificent £103,750 over the past year (no proof provided though). Indeed, there’s a photo of him with a girl on each arm. Lucky Josef, I say. He should write Double Your Chances With Women. A bikini-clad Kerry Macintyre’s life has been changed by this book.

Truly, it seems, Francis’s award for writing this 11-page PDF is indeed warranted.

Once you’re taken in by the rather fetching Kerry, and rather lucky Josef, you are immediately upsold to a tip- ping service, costing £19.99 per month and £197.99 for the year (down from £497.99 – award-winning Francis really is sharing the love here).

As I said previously in this Systems and Tipsters Update, do not think about joining for a year. This service has magically spirited into experience and we don’t know anything about Francis (why no OBE yet?). There are absolutely no results to go on so, quite simply, you are basing your joining on what? The word of a man with a made-up award!

As to the award-winning manual: well, Francis should get an award for padding to sit alongside his ‘ECF Merit for Modern Day Economics and Online Wealth’.

Doubling for Dummies employs a football accumula- tor bet chosen from three specific markets in order to create an evens bet. The bookies love accumulator bets, which suggests that this strategy is hardly foolproof – when push comes to shove, it is simply gambling!

The manual (sorry, award-winning manual) does not even offer you any methodology as to how to come up with your selections. You are effectively left to your own devices. The examples shown are, well, photocop- ies of two betting slips from Ladbrokes. Where’s the step-by-step guide? Where are the numerous examples so we get this strategy fixed in our minds?

The website tells us: ‘And by following the strategy within this report, you will see exactly how you can double your investment as many times as you wish each day and you need never work again!’

But award-winning Francis double-barrelled-name has not provided us with a strategy. He has effectively said: ‘Find two or three bets in the football betting, make sure they add up to evens, stick them in a bookie-loving accumulator and hope for the best.’

If they win, you’ll double your money. I could have written a Doubling for Dummies 2 which simply states: ‘Find a bet which may win at evens, back it, and you will be doubling your income if it wins’.

This manual is nonsense. The low price will lure you in because some will be suckered into taking up the ‘tips’. Whoever gave Francis his award for this, ahem, 500,000-copies-sold opus needs his/her head examined. I have a colleague following the tips (poor him), so I will report back. I will try this strategy out myself for what it’s worth using my own selections (and remem- ber, I actually research matches, Francis – should I get an award for that?) and let you know whether I can salvage anything from this product.

I really was a dummy for losing my fiver! Watch out for my version of Doubling for Dummiesvery soon. This

is one of those websites, in my experience, which will have disappeared in a month or two. Be very wary.  Such superb predictive skills that I am now open for psychic reading at a very reasonalble £700 per hour. I will even wear my hair like Theresa Caputo if you want me to.

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