This is a relatively new service from It costs £39.95 per month. The link is here

Big Race Bookie Busters

The focus for this tipster is the high profile race meetings.

Bets are win and each-way.

Way back in November 2015 I began following this service. From then, to time of writing, the service has made 247 points profit. That is the plus point.

2017 though so a calendar year profit of only 30 points.

As I write, the betting bank stands at the same level it was in November 2016 so on that basis the tipster is currently stagnant. Long term ( November 2015) there is momentum.

At £40 per month I do expect a little more. Had you joined November 2016, in real terms you would be out of pocket after incurring subscription costs.

Are you willing to be in it for the long term? If so you may well profit. But would you have the patience to tolerate zero bank growth in real terms for 17 months?


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