Is there a Bermuda Triangle for horse racing tipsters? A lot of them tend to disappear very quickly.

There is a reason and it is nothing that will have excited Arthur C.Clarke in his Mysterious World.

When a tipster goes pear shaped, they disappear as quickly as a politician’s promise.

Biscayne Bets from is the last in a long line of disappearing tipsters.  You won’t see any history of this service anymore. It was dire. And the plug was pulled sharpish. Still Betfan were charging £48 every 30 days. Goodness me!

Biscayne Bets and their ilk is a shot across the bow to you. The disappearing tipster is usually described as a ‘value’ tipster. They boast about providing big odds selections. What they do not mention is the horrendous losing runs which are part and parcel of a ‘value’ based service. Biscayne Bets quite simply ran out of time in its yearning for that big priced winner which would hopefully negate the mounting losses. ‘Twas not to be.

Be careful with tipsters describing themselves as ‘value’ tipsters. Make sure that you inspect any archive of results. is a value based tipster. Yes they have horrendous losing runs but they have a track record for producing the profits at year-end. Their advised £5 stakes relays the fact that losing runs are expected.

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