Betting Notes Darren Hall Review‘How would you like to have all your betting systems, strategies and documentation at your fingertips each and every time you place a bet or trade a game?’

So the invitation reads to Darren Hall’s Betting System Notes: a nifty piece of software that allows you to store your own football trading systems, stats, figures and research – as well as providing 16 further trading systems, a newsletter library, videos, access to a market matcher, and much more…

In Darren Hall’s words: ‘Betting System Notes is a fully customisable online notepad / organiser where you can store all your notes for betting systems and strategies, trading rules and guidelines. Making them all instantly accessible at the click of a mouse.’

Value for money is tremendous, with a one-off membership fee of £39.99. Let me just take a moment to tell you in a little more detail what you can access in the user-friendly package.

There are a growing number of articles on all manner of gambling subjects, which provide a nice foundation crash-course for beginners. As mentioned, there are 16 trading systems including ones for football and tennis. These range form the simple ‘lay-the-draw’ methods to more complex ones. These may bamboozle the beginner, but there is support to be found in the Betting Systems Notes content – and Darren Hall himself promptly answers emails and queries. The videos are very useful to aid your introduction to the world of sports betting on Betfair, or to inform those intermediate or advanced bettors. The video titles encompass everything from a welcome to Betfair, to Asian handicaps. These are Betfair’s own videos and can be accessed elsewhere on the Internet – but their inclusion in the Betting System Notes website is handy.

Further videos are a trading course authored by professional trader Jack Birkhead in which he explains the basics of trading before divulging some lesser-known tips. But the best videos are those under the ‘Betfair Trading Strategies’ header. These are authored by the Nugget Crew and are longer and more detailed than elsewhere on the net. Regular gambling-news bulletins are posted along with recently-written articles and links to podcasts, webinars, other sites, industry interviews, betting offers, trading tools and training courses.

The main focus of Betting System Notes – and what really gives it value for money – is the excellent market matcher tool, where the daily trades relevant to some of the systems’ criteria are shown. All the day’s potential trades that meet the criteria of the systems are displayed in a list of trade-worthy games, at the click of a button. With hours of browsing through Betfair coupons now eliminated, all the work is done for you. In the past, I acknowledge that many of my losses have come from my wanting to fit the trading strategies to certain games in which they probably didn’t fit. Human-error is removed from the equation and a list of games is presented to you in seconds. All that remains is for you to do a little bit of research into past form on the occasions when the teams in question have met before, and decide if you want to make the trade. No more scribbling down potential games in notepads.

Some of the systems appear to be more profitable than others and some you’ll already be familiar with. The omission of a forum on the site is the main negative comment that I can make. It would have been handy to compare notes with other bettors and to get that feeling of solidarity.

The software is covered by a life-time upgrade guarantee – so as new features are added, you get the latest version automatically, for free.

This is not a tipping service. It’s a place where ultimately and essentially, all those manuals, PDFs and ebooks are collated together, stripped down to their nuts and bolts, and all the potential games in which to take a punt are presented for you in the very useful market matcher tool.


You can find out more here: Betting System Notes

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