It’s hard to see the wood for the forest full of hype that is the sales page for a horse racing win bet tipping system called Bet Turbo.

It asks you: ‘If you are looking for a method that: generates your first profits today; a way to get instant floods of income immediately; something so simple any player with any level of experience and skill can use it… Then this is EXACTLY what you need…’

Only, in our opinion, it isn’t!

It’s a very persuasive sales-letter, and with a recent surge in promotion of the system that was first available over a year ago, we felt obliged to address it.

We’ll focus on the system in a moment, but first I want to address the high level of detail in the sales letter. Though there is a lot of hype, they’ve gone to the effort of including a lot of detail and making sure the detail adds up. There’s your prerequisite Jackanory-style story about how Barry Monaghan – the product’s creator – became aware of the system. Basically, he was taught it by a stubby man called Terrence in a Panama hat.

Here’s an example of good detail: he says all this happened one Tuesday afternoon in March 2011. The date on the screenshot of his winning betting slip is indeed a Tuesday afternoon.

But as with these narratives, I always have to suspend my disbelief, and so I was determined to find something that didn’t add up. And I managed it. There’s a picture half-way down the page of an old Ford Escort next to a picture of a brand new BMW M3 Coupe. These pictures are in the middle of two sentences that read: ‘I won’t lie to you – it’s AWESOME, and the lifestyle this system can give you is incredible…’ and ‘This is my reality, and while you probably feel that it is impossible, the truth is… It’s not!’.

Above the Ford Escort picture, there is a caption that says: ‘I used to drive this 1994 Ford Escort’. Now, the car looks a bit newer than one that dates from 1994. The number plate is blocked out, but the GB and EU stars that appear on EU-regulation number plates are visible. And EU regulation number plates did not come into effect until 1998!

Ha! I found a discrepancy in the detail! I should resign and work as a spy.

Enough of that – my editor will object that I’m not focusing on the system in question enough.

Anyway, such a flowery embellishment doesn’t necessarily make for a bad betting or tipping system. But Bet Turbo is not a good tipping system.

For £37 (before VAT and with a Clickbank 60 day money back guarantee), you too can sample it and see if it performs any better for you.

Once you’ve made your payment, you download a 5-page PDF document that outlines the selection system for you. You then apply the system to any race and make your selections through it. It’s a criteria-based process, one of which is starting prices, so you have to be available to make bets shortly before the off.

Incidentally, all the good detail must have been reserved for the sales copy only because the actual PDF document claims that the author has been using the service long before that Tuesday afternoon in March 2011.

Bet Turbo claims to turn £10 into £1,503.04 in 5 days. Our loss in our trial was obviously a long way from such staggering profits.

If you were to complain at the losses, you may well receive the suggestion that you’re making the wrong choices, because different selections result from whether you use Internet-based information sources or newspaper-based ones.

Further criterions are open to subjective opinion to say the least.

The tipping side of things is an optional up sell extra (£12 a month). We suppose it’d be interesting to compare your selection results with those offered by the system author.

Our somewhat muddled resultant trial saw us make 62 bets in 6 weeks, using the Racing Post as our information source from which to work from.

We soon dismissed the Bet Turbo staking plan as unworkable (it requires a much higher strike rate than the system presents), and at the end of our trial a mere 6 horses won, which is a paltry 9.7%. The bank was decimated by the 77 point loss.

We don’t recommend Bet Turbo and I’d be interested to see if it would even work when applied to the race in question on that Tuesday afternoon in March 2011 when a horse called Mr Bennett won. We’d also like to source that ‘1994’ Ford Escort because it’s all we can afford after using this service.

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