Sixteen. Count them: sixteen!

On the sales page for Michael Stevens’ Automatic Winners (a win betting system for horse racing) there are 16 screenshots of various accounts, all pertaining to be ‘proof’ of the ‘98% success rate guaranteed’ success of his system.

His Natwest account shows that he supposedly has over £500,000 in it, all profits from just one year of using his ‘secret’ system that supposedly ‘helped him dump his miserable job’.

So Michael is half way to becoming a millionaire in just a year, but he’s willing to share the workings of this revolutionary system with you, for the bargain-bucket price of £27.

Hmmmm. Remember in the play-ground (if you’re an 80s-kid like me), when, if someone said something far-fetched or highly unbelievable, you’d respond my stroking your shin and saying ‘Stubble!’, or ‘Jimmy Reckon’, or simply ‘Myeah’?

I’m stroking my chin now. The same sentiment applies but the only difference is that now I actually have stubble on said chin.

It’s a Clickbetter-sold product, so if you were born yesterday and bought this system today, then you have another 59 days to take advantage of Clickbetter’s prerequisite 60-day money-back guarantee.

‘Who are Clickbetter?’ I hear you ask. They’re pretty much the same as Clickbank, and the most original aspect of the sales-plea from Michael Stevens is that Automatic Winners was supposedly removed from Clickbank after only one day, citing bookmaker complaints that the system had been made available.

Granted it’s original, but I’m furiously stroking my chin.

So, for that aforementioned £27 buying price, you get a PDF download pertaining to show you the intricacies of the Automatic Winners system, and instructions on how to spend a few minutes a day actually placing the bets.

Any mildly seasoned bettor will see that the so-called system for Automatic Winners is just a rehashed document of information that is freely available on the Internet elsewhere, and isn’t really a system at all.

The instructions for the system are really just instructions about using the form-based analysis that’s freely available to anyone on websites such as Timeform and Racing UK.

You won’t learn anything from this system that you can’t learn from exploring those two sites and others like them yourself. Automatic Winners is really just a desperately put-together information package with a middle-band price slapped on it and sold via ridiculous statements and questionable screenshots.

It’s not even worth our while trialing the service, because there’s barely anything to trial really. Anything that claims a 98% success rate is pure fiction and should be disregarded as an absolute joke.

We increasingly only give our precious time over to trialing professional systems that don’t scream ‘desperate’ to us.

But of course if we are getting too cynical in our old age and you found it works….let us know in the comments below and we will trial it.

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