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About What Really Wins Money


I set up What Really Wins Money to help like-minded bettors hone their skills and increase their profits.

The fact you’ve found your way here shows that you’re interested in making consistent, low-risk profits from your betting – rather than ‘gambling’ and hoping for the best (although I know we’re all guilty of a flutter from time to time!)

My goal is to help you start betting in a way which protects your bank, spreads your risk and offers you the maximum return.

The What Really Wins Money member service has been running since 2006 and what started out as a small, monthly advisory has grown into a thriving betting commnuity.

It’s great to have you here and I hope you find the information you find on this site useful.

This whole website has recently been revamped and right now it’s in ‘beta mode’ so you should see a lot of changes over the coming weeks. Apologies for any minor issues, we’re still ironing out a few glitches – but I promise you it will be worth it.

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What Really Wins Money
Third Party Systems and Tipster Reviews

Premier Grand Service review

Perpetual Publications Ltd is owned by three self-styled ‘old school’ bettors, who reportedly together ‘have been backing horses, and publishing racing material not available elsewhere and educating clients, since 1993’. They offer a ‘Lazy Punters Black Book’, which ‘offered our...

Our Verdict:

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NW Sports Racing Service Review

Now here’s a tipping service with a difference! Neil Stevens-Wood’s NW Sports Racing Service is not like other typical tipster services, in that it provides you with a lot more in your daily email than just a handful...

Our Verdict:

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Inside Gambler Review

What I like the most about Inside Gambler – besides its good results – is its sheer transparency. The Inside Gambler website doesn’t really have a sales page – there’s no hyped-up sales pitch whatsoever. Instead, before you’ve even signed...

Our Verdict:

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Call me mystic meg….the case of the disappearing website.www.doublingfordummies.com betting review

I thought I would recount this review I did from 2014 , more pertinent because of the last line of the review which predicted this website would disappear. Indeed it has ( try www.doublingfordummies.com ) I recount the review verbatim

Our Verdict:

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www.inplaytrading.com/scanner Football trading review

I live this scanner. Followers of www.delayreacttrade.com, my football trading service, can attest to this. This website provides a web based inplay stats service. All in-play stats are displayed on the one page and cover

www.banker-bets.com Football tipster review

This service began recording results for its single bets in August 2014 and that is where I will begin. It was all rosy in the early years of the football tipster service whose focus is on short-odds favourites.From August 2014...

Our Verdict:

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From the eLetter

From Cambodia to the Australian Open

Not much has been happening from yours truly from a betting perspective this week. I have been accompanying my 79 year old Dad whose dream it has been to visit Angkhor Wat in Cambodia ( I think he was only interested in the visit in the hope of meeting Angelina...

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2020.

I hope you had a Great Xmas and New Year Holiday. I have been spending mine with family and old friends in Guernsey , Channel Islands, and have even bumped into Le God  a couple of times ( ‘we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!). I did the Boxing Day swim. The water was...

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Christmas Favourites….

Christmas favourites? No I’m not talking about those wonderful TV programmes such as Noel Edmund’s Dreary Christmas House Party or the absolutely hilarious (where is my sarcasm emoji?) James Corden‘s Christmas Specials. The real Christmas favourites are the horse...

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Boxing Day Bound!

Thanks to Andrew David for an excellent eletter last Fridayl. It certainly generated some great feedback . I’m heading back to Guernsey in the Channel Islands ( the home of Matt Le Tissier  - I taught him all his football skills) for Christmas and to celebrate my...

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Special One patterns emerging?

It seems as if Mourinho is channelling the spirit of Kevin Keegan with a set of 3-2 and 4-2 wins to date, a case of ‘we’ll score one more than you’.. Had you had the 3-2 win in mind when Tottenham played Olympiakos, then I hope it would have occurred to you to either...

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Special One returns

With the appointment of the Special One at Tottenham ( I didn’t know Rachel Riley from Countdown was a football manager!), this can signal a change in patterns for sides. https://www.thesackrace.com/appointments is a great website for you to keep tabs on new...

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