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Dear Bettor

I’ve never played by the rules.

I got into the betting game because I LOVED sports and HATED having a 9-5 job.

Being told what to do has never appealed.

Especially by a bunch of overpaid suits I can’t bear the sight of.

Which is why I rarely ever place a bet with a bookmaker.

Playing by their rules will lose you money in the long run.


Sure, you might win a few quid here and there, but it’s a mugs game when you’re up against teams of professional odds compilers.

So what I do for a living is HACK the system, using Betfair to gain the bookies edge for myself.

I place a very specific kind of bet that means I don’t get suckered by the system. It gives me the maximum chances of winning, with far more return than most bettors would get, and limits the losses.

Some days I pull in £30, £79, £200 or more tax-free

All from 10-minute bets on football and racing – sometimes tennis, rugby or golf, too, if that’s where the action is.

Before I explain, please don’t worry. This is all completely legal.

You never have to deal with a bookie.

You won’t get your account banned.

And in most cases you won’t even have to watch the race or match.

Just set up the bet and leave it to do its thing while you get on with your day.

Look, I’ll even prove it to you…

I’ve put together a dossier of the 7 best hacks I use each weekend to make low-risk profits from racing and football.

It includes the precise steps you need to take, so there’s no need for loads of betting experience.

I’d estimate that each one takes no more than 10-20 minutes in total. There’s no need for screen-watching or following sports all day.

If you want it, then it’s yours to download and keep for FREE.

You’ll discover…

Back Winners and STILL Get Paid Out When a Horse Gets 2nd or 3rd (and Cover Your Losses if Your Horse isn’t Placed at All!)

If you’ve been backing horses to win, but get frustrated when they finish second or third, this is a MUST.

I’ll show you how to exploit the place betting market to turn maddening second and third-placers into profit…. whilst STILL ensuring that you get paid out when they win!

It uses a clever 80/20 trick to cover your losses too.

Get Big Fat Odds for Favourites Before Half Time and Cash Out with £11.93 – £55.50 Profit

This hack helps you turn short-priced favourites into potential high-odds profit makers. You could lock in a profit of £55.40 if the favourite is up by 1-0 at half time, and £11.93 if they score twice – and you don’t even need to watch the rest of the game.

How to Exploit Legal-But-Sneaky Cheats by Trainers!

In handicap races every horse has a rating or Official Rating (‘OR’ for short). The trainer wants to keep this as low as possible so the horse has a better chance of winning. And some trainers are very cunning at doing this…

I’ll show you how to spot when they’ve tried to ‘fix’ the handicap, and use it to your advantage. You could get winners with odds like 22/1 that other bettors simply wouldn’t spot!

How to Bet on LOW Goals in HIGH-SCORING Matches and Cash-out with a Profit in the First 20 Minutes

This one makes NO sense at first, which is why it’s such a tasty proposition for smart bettors who like to go against the crowd.

I’ll show you a way to bet on fewer than 2.5 goals when HIGH-SCORING teams like Man City are playing against weaker teams…

Sounds mad, but as you’ll see, it’s all about the first 20 minutes. Follow my steps and you can cash out early with a profit.

Instead of Risking it all to Chase Losses, Get this Software to Claw Back Your Money Safely

This gentle recovery staking plan gets your losses back WITHOUT big risks. Just use this automated calculator software programme and it will do the work for you!

Starting with £10 to £40 stakes, a bank of £100 turned into £2,021.10 in one year!

How to Make Money from Odds-On Shots!

Statman does a bit of myth-busting.

Blanket Backing of odds-on favourites (horses at less than evens or 2.00 decimal odds) will not make you a long-term profit. But, if approached in a unique way, and with a unique focus, we can make money from these.

How to Bag Great Odds on Short Price Favourites in Football

This strategy creates massive value on short price favourites…. and if you do this at the 10 minute mark you can bag a sneaky tax-free gain from just ONE goal.


See how much you can make this Saturday…

I’ll give you an instant download of the dossier with all the steps and details you need.

You could try out one or ALL of them this weekend.

See how much money you make!

Each one aims to make low-risk gains of £30, £79, £128 or more from just one race or football match.

There will be losses, of course. But using these hacks to get amazing value, you’ll steadily make a profit over time.

The idea is that you roll the profits from each win into bigger stakes to compound your wins…

Whatever happens, the dossier is yours to keep.

There’s only one condition.

All I ask is that you take a risk-free look at my betting service What Really Wins Money.

As a risk-free trial member of this private club you’ll get access to ALL the strategies I’m running right now. These include weekly profit generators, ‘one-off’ bets and other sports betting strategies.

For instance, I will instantly give you my three top performing daily betting systems for FREE. They’re super simple and quick. No theory. No coursework. No learning the ropes. All you do is tick off a few criteria before you bet.

They include…

  • Lay the Big Favourite – is a long-standing winner making 72.42 points profit since 2017. Starting with just £200 you would have turned that into £1,448.40.
  • Price Gapper 5+ – is a successful lay system that has been profitable for a number of years making £2,392 from a  £100 starting bank since 2017.
  • TOPR Strategy – This is another ridiculously easy and low-risk strategy and has been a recent success from my testing lab of strategies. The betting bank tripled in 2019 and quadrupled in 2018. Now it’s your turn to profit from it in 2020.

I’ll give you everything you need to set these up quickly and see the results roll in within days. I have no doubt, these simple strategies could put AT LEAST £200 – £500 extra tax-free cash into your bank account by this time next month.

But if you don’t like the service for any reason, or you don’t make as much profit as you’d like, then you can opt out.

No matter what you decide, my 20 Minute Betting Hacks dossier is yours to download now and keep forever.

But if you’re still a little doubtful, let me explain a bit about how I earn my living – and how you could potentially do the same…

Whether you want a few hundred quid extra
to spend on fun stuff…

Or a way to relieve debt and escape the
pressures of the daily grind…

Here’s how to do it…

For the vast majority of ‘punters’, the odds are stacked against them. They don’t bet logically and allow their emotions to cloud their judgment (betting big after a winner and small after a loser – without using either staking plans or any kind of compounding to manage their money and boost profits).

Even if you escape the clutches of the bookies, the small minority of sensible bettors often get taken in by all the scam-merchants (tipsters, gurus and the like) out there.

You know the ones I mean, peddling their wares with a seductive smile at outrageous prices, hell-bent on sucking your wallet dry.

So you might wonder if it’s really possible to earn a decent second income from Sports Betting at all?

Well I’m living proof.

Thirteen years ago, I was the guy who bought endless betting strategies and followed dozens of tipsters. I believed that if I discovered the right method, I could quit my day job and live out my days on an exotic beach.

It was never going to happen.

Professional bettors don’t make careers out of just one trick, secret or formula. That’s fairy tale stuff, really.

But I wanted to believe in magic, so I kept at it.

Time and time again, I wasted money on junk that just didn’t work in the long run.

Then in 2006 I decided that enough was enough.

I began testing betting systems, as many as I could get my hands on. Then I published my results in a service called What Really Wins Money, so others could see what worked (and what didn’t).

Either the methods held up and delivered what they promised… in which case I added them to the What Really Wins Money portfolio…

…Or they fell apart, and I dumped them like a sack of potatoes.

And that’s when I had my lightbulb moment.

Profitable long-term betting was never about following ONE system, ONE tipster, or ONE approach.

But by using a combination of strategies it’s possible to make a full-time tax-free income from sports betting…

Leaving me free from the nine to five slog. No more boring commute to a miserable office. I’m my own boss and I choose when and where I work.

I’ve even bought a house in Thailand, where I spend time with my wife and – yes – I now sometimes sit on an exotic beach!

So, you could say that I’m living the dream after all.

But I’m not idle by any means. Quite the opposite….

Betting is a business for me and I love it. I do over five hours of research every day and bet under strict criteria… and ONLY when conditions are right.

And I always employ a proven, calculated staking plan.

I test new systems day after day, all year round. The winning ones stay and get tweaked, while the losers get dropped.

This is how I can provide members of What Really Wins Money with simple, quick strategies they can just ‘cut and paste’.

Now I’d like to help you do the same.

Let me give you everything you need to make AT LEAST £200-£500 in the next 30 days

Take up a 30 day risk-free trial of What Really Wins Money and I’ll give you access to all of my daily betting systems.

These include regular week-in, week-out profit generators, ‘one-off’ bets and other sports betting strategies that you can dip in and out of when you fancy.

They all have one thing in common. These are systems I’ve ripped apart and relentlessly tested… systems that consistently deliver profits in the long term.

Some might make you a few pounds here and there, others considerably more…

  • You can put as much or as little time into this as you like. You might be happy dedicating 30 minutes a couple of evenings a week to make a little extra pin money… or you can increase your gains by investing more time into it.
  • Whenever you have your smartphone, tablet or a laptop hooked up to the Internet you can access the site and follow my systems – from wherever you are in the world.
  • All your profits are tax-free! The government still don’t class betting profits as taxable which means what you win is what you take home.

You don’t need any skills or training either. I’ll do everything for you… all the research, number crunching and testing… then I’ll keep developing new filters and checks to keep the profits coming.

If the performance of any of my strategies starts to wane and can’t be fixed… I’ll tell you to ditch them and replace them with something better.

You see, on top of my proven methods, I run a testing lab, where I have even more systems on the go.

You’ll get access to these too!

Plus you’ll get new strategies, systems and staking plans each month, with videos, step-by-step instructions and email support.

As well as your online access, I’ll also post you a newsletter every month, filled with reviews, scam warnings and systems to try out.

I think you’ll really like What Really Wins Money. But if you don’t, you won’t pay a penny for the experience. Just let me know within 30 DAYS and I’ll return your subscription fee.

And just for checking it out, I’ll give you my 20 Minute Betting Hacks from the past year to download now for FREE.

These are simple ways, all developed in the past year, in which you can undercut the bookies and get big value bets that other punters won’t spot.

As a bonus, the dossier will also include another hack for some big betting events of the year

A “Zero research” Grand Slam Betting Blueprint

There is serious money to be made in Grand Slam tennis tournaments. I’ll reveal great ways to make value Back and Lay bets during the next Grand Slam, and how to cash out of games with a profit regardless of which player wins.

This includes my ‘Four Alls’ secret of Grand Slam tennis and why you should focus ONLY on the first two or three rounds of a tournament if you want to get great value bets.

This strategy requires no direct research, and it’s really simple to follow.


Again, it is yours to keep, just for trying What Really Wins Money.

In your 30 day money-back trial,
here’s what you get…

  • Free access to my best performing systems – including written steps, video coaching and daily tips via a members site. These daily tips are quick to access via my website, and super-simple to follow – you don’t need a single piece of knowledge about horse racing or football.
  • How-to videos. My simple five minute guides can help you improve on your betting skills, whether you’re a newbie or pro.
  • My monthly* What Really Wins Money newsletter [which I will post out to you each month], including easy-to-follow betting methods and proven staking plans plus honest reviews of the best (and worst!) betting systems out there at the moment.
  • Online access to a wealth of betting expertise, help and advice that you can tap into at any time. This includes unlimited access to the What Really Wins Money archives.
  • Access to my Testing Lab, my experimental zone for betting ideas with distinct potential. See each new strategy I develop… all the tweaks, improvements and latest results as they happen.
  • Tools and resources to help you improve your betting.
  • Portfolio builder. I’ll work with you to help you create a profitable long term plan and manage it like a pro.
  • Money Management advice. Every betting strategy has a staking plan which helps you maximise profit while minimising risk.
  • Free access to our private Facebook community, a safe closed group where you can share ideas with fellow bettors, ask questions and get inspiration.
  • Email support from me and my team, whenever you need help, usually within 24 working hours!

As well as my expertise you’ll also get advice from two other brilliant tipsters on the team…

  • Patriarch writes for What Really Wins Money Insider’s Club each month. He has a huge selection of betting systems and strategies and shares the best ones each month to add to your portfolio.
  • Statman is an avid number-cruncher who uses horse racing stats to make super-calculated bets. He knows the top 10 flat trainers to follow, the top 10 jumps trainers to follow and the top 10 all weather trainers to follow. And by top 10, I mean top 10 most profitable! Statman does the hours of research and all that number crunching so you don’t have to. Then he helps you make money from trends and patterns that others don’t spot.

Thanks to our private Facebook group, you’ll also become part of a thriving community of like-minded bettors who will give you inspiration and support.

You can access this whenever you like. Ask questions…. find out how others are doing… share your results… the group is there 24/7 to help you stay motivated and profitable.

So, if you’re interested in turning a profit from your own betting, then I’d love to hear from you. Let me show you how to make an income from betting on sport without spending all day glued to your screen or taking big risks.

So how much would you invest in something that could deliver you a tax-free income for years to come?

Most tipping services will EASILY set you back £500 a year or more. And courses that train you in anything from accountancy to stock market trading will cost as much as £3,000.

That’s not to mention how much a University degree costs – and with that you don’t even earn as you learn.

What I want to do with this private members’ club is give you access to all my tips, training, time and expertise in the most affordable way possible.

The official annual subscription fee to join What Really Wins Money is just £239.40 (+VAT).

However, if you claim a place today then you can lock in a 15% discount.

It means you can get my daily tips, support and full training for just £197 (+VAT) for the next year!

PLUS, that discount will be locked in so if you decide to continue you can keep that incredible 15% discount for as long as you want!

Or if you prefer, I can also offer you the chance to pay on a monthly basis.

When you choose this option, you pay just £19.95 (+VAT) a month for as long as you want to continue your membership, even better I’ll also discount your first month so you can try it for just £9.95 (+VAT).

Remember, this is all on an unconditional trial basis, so you can walk away at any time in the next 30 days without risking a penny.

You can get full access, follow the tips (paper trade if you wish), learn the strategies and yet still claim a full refund – for whatever reason – inside of the 30 days.

Even if after 30 days you decide that you no longer wish to continue your subscription, let us know and no further payments will be taken. I want my members to be happy and I believe part of that is offering complete peace of mind.

I can’t wait to welcome you onboard.

Here’s to your betting success.

Best Regards

Clive Keeling

PS: As soon as you join for a 30 day trial of What Really Wins Money I’ll give you my 20 Minute Betting Hacks dossier for FREE. This is yours to keep whatever happens.

PPS: You’ll also get 30 days access to my daily betting systems, testing lab, video coaching, email support and Facebook group.

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*You’ll get 10 copies of What Really Wins Money and two copies of the Canonbury Collection

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